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Whether you intend to relocate your business to Belarus or plan to do business there, Belarus has much to offer any size of company and a vast number of sectors. The business environment is strong, and with a large focus on the industrial sector there is a wealth of opportunity for investment. Explore more about legal requirements and Belarusian customs and etiquette and find the right contact should you want to take the next step and do business in Belarus.

What’s the best way to establish contacts and find a business partner?

Finding the right business partner is the key to success in the country.

You can do a certain amount of research yourself, but Belir Tour agency in Belarus can help you!

Do you need to register a company in Belarus?

This depends on the kind of business you want to run. If you want to trade with Belarus then there is no need to register a company, although there are now many international companies in Belarus that have done so.

Indeed, if you are serious about the market and intend to stay for the long term, then having a presence in Belarus can help build relationships and contacts and establish trust between you and your partners.

Setting up a company has become much simpler and quicker in recent years. State organisations and Belarus banks alike have taken steps to make themselves more accessible to foreigners.

"Belir Tour" agency helps you in establishing business contacts.

 We cooperate with the Iranian Embassy in Minsk!

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